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A Bundle of Gratitude

A Bundle of Gratitude


Your 'Bundle of Gratitude' Box
is designed to give you a fully immersive gratitude experience, and includes these 5 items:

Burserra Graveolens / Palo Santo Stick
Bursera graveolens, a beautiful and powerfull aromatic tree, grown throughout Central and South America. Used among native indigenous tribes, like the Inca's, to spiritually cleanse impure energy and to clear misfortune, negative thought patterns and ‘evil’ spirits. Its the perfect tool to start our gratitude ritual.

'Grateful' Essential Oil Roller 
This signature blend will help create the energy of a grateful heart as well as connecting with the energy of grounding and focus for reflection and meditation. The carefully selected scents are: 


  • Orange - the ultimate oil of happiness, uplifts the spirit and encourages a positive and grateful outlook. 
  • Pine – strengthens and refreshes a tired mind.
  • Cedarwood – calms and focuses, valuable for meditation and sets you on a purposeful path.
  • Carrier oil – coconut derived MCT oil.

Selenite Tower (10cm)
Selenite is one of the most important tools to have in your energy tool kit. Selenite is a protective stone that helps release tension from the past, emotional pain and/or worries, whilst shielding you from outside influences through evoking protection from the angelic realm. Dispelling all negative energy from the body and mind, brings calming energies, deep peace, mental clarity and a feeling of ‘lightness!’ It also attracts the energy of light and positivity into the stone, making it the perfect crystal for your Gratitude Practice. It's ability to not dull as it absorbs and dissipates negative energy is why it is so often used to cleanse and recharge other crystals. Meaning, no matter how many times you use it, it will still operate with the same high-vibe, energetic power.

Gratitude Journal

Hard cover, A5, 248 page, 6 month prompted Gratitude Journal.


Gratitude Rituals

88 x 126mm, 42 Card Deck + Informational Card.


  • How to use your items

    Palo Santo Stick - The Palo Santo stick is the first item to use within your bundle box. Burned similarily to incense, light the end of the stick, allow it to burn for a few moments then blow it out so that it will smoke. The rising smoke will enter the energy field and cleanse you and your space to help prepare for your gratitude practice.

    Essential Oil Roller - Apply the “Grateful” blend by rolling the essential oil blend on your wrists. Hold your wrists up to your nose and inhale the beautiful “Grateful” scent. You can also apply to any of the pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears, bottom of the throat, inside the elbows and knees. For the purpose of this bundle box, apply to ignite your senses & energy for your daily gratitude practice. You can also use this as a natural perfume applying throughout your day to help bring in a grateful heart in times when its needed. After use, store in a cool, dark place.

    • Caution: Some citrus oils are photosensitive. Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying in that area. For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. If you are pregnant or under the care of a medical professional, consult your doctor before using. 

    Selenite - Meditating with selenite can help you enhance your spiritual practices and deepen your thoughts. Place the selenite tower in your hand or in your field of vision anytime throughout your gratitude practice/meditation. After use, place your Selenite tower on a window seal as it captures the energy from the sun and the moon.

    • Note: Selenite is water soluble. To clean, dust gently, or wipe with a slightly dampened cloth. As immersing it in water will erode the surface.

    Gratitude Journal - Use the pages in the journal to write down your thoughts of gratitude.

    Gratitude Rituals - You can use this deck in two ways; selecting whichever card speaks to you on the day, or making your way through the deck in order. Either way, once the card has been chosen, simply read the card & follow the ritual! Its as easy as that and no day is ever the same!

  • You’re a G-Damn HERO.

    Yes, you. By choosing to shop with us at Well Beings Hub, you have made a sustainable and eco-friendly purchase!

    Your items are ethically sourced and your delivery method is sustainable! Read below to find out more:

    Bundle Box Items

    • Our Palo Santo Wood is sustainably harvested in Peru from trees and branches that have naturally fallen and have been laying dead for 4-10 years. This ensures we are not cutting down trees for our personal use nor are we impacting the environment. It also ensures the quailty of this product is high! Only the naturally fallen trees produce a wonderfully woody scent. The longer the tree has been dead, the more potent the scent. Some Palo Santo trees can live to be 80-90+ years old, so your Palo Santo Wood has been around longer than you!
    • Our Selenite Towers are ethically sourced in Morrocco and are of high quality.
    • Our Essential Oil roller blend is made using the most pure and potent essential oils that are produced with no additives, impurities or fillers. It is produced with sustainable farming practices and the result is more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted.

    Delivery & Packaging
    When your Gratitude Bundle Box arrives at your door, it will be enclosed in a cardboard box, which you can keep or place within your recycling bin.

    Inside this box is:

    • WBH Stickers - are printed on vellum (uncoated) biodegradable adhesive papers, using vegetable based inks.
    • 'We Appreciate You' Card - 100% post-consumer recycled card, using vegetable based inks.
    • 100% Recycled Brown Wrapping Paper 

    **Vegetable based inks are made from corn, walnut, coconut, linseed, canola and soy bean. Vegetable based inks are also a renewable resource and do not require harmful solvents/chemicals for cleaning the printing presses. 

    As well as being delivered by a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Company. 

    However, your cards are wrapped in plastic as that is how they are delievered to us via our manufacturer. It is a hard delima we are trying to solve at this moment as we want your products protected and to arrive at your door in perfect condition. So we know we aren't 100% sustainable (YET) with all of our packaging, but we are consistently trying to improve our sustainable practices and hope to be 100% sustainable within the year.

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