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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal


A5 Journal. 6 months worth of guided pages. 


Are you ready to live a life of gratitude? But don’t know where or how to start? The simplest and most effective way to begin your journey of gratitude is by retraining your brain.

Update your mindset, and greatly change your life for the better, by having a daily gratitude practice with this retro inspired, easy to follow gratitude journal!

We love journaling first thing in the morning, but you can do it whatever time works best for you! At first you may forget days here and there, but we encourage you to keep going even if you missed a day, it's about the bigger picture.

As you continue your daily gratitude practice it will become second nature to you; not just in the pages of this journal but in your day to day life, and that is where the real magic happens!

We are so excited for you to start living your most beautiful life.

  • You’re a G-Damn HERO.

    Yes, you. By choosing to shop with us at Well Beings Hub, you have made a sustainable and eco-friendly purchase!

    When your Gratitude Journal arrives at your door, it will be enclosed in a cardboard box, which you can keep or place within your recycling bin.

    Inside this box, is more environmentally packaging, to protect your journal:

    • WBH Stickers - are printed on vellum (uncoated) biodegradable adhesive papers, using vegetable based inks.
    • 'We Appreciate You' Card - 100% post-consumer recycled card, using vegetable based inks.
    • 100% Recycled Brown Wrapping Paper 

    **Vegetable based inks are made from corn, walnut, coconut, linseed, canola and soy bean. Vegetable based inks are also a renewable resource and do not require harmful solvents/chemicals for cleaning the printing presses. You can see there are so many reasons to choose vegetable ink!

    As well as being delivered by a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Company. By no way have you made an impact on the environment by getting your item delivered. So, here’s a pat on the back and a big cheers to you. 

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