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Seconds - Gratitude Journal

Seconds - Gratitude Journal


Dont judge a book by its cover! Our Seconds Gratitude Journals are simply perfect except for minor damange on the front or back covers.

These journals only have one issue - either scratches or dents from delivery or storage, a printing imperfection on the back logo, or an imperfection on the spine, that simply just dont hold up to the high quality you, our beautiful souls, should expect from a full priced item from us.

A5 prompted gratitude journal with 6 months worth of pages.

  • You’re a G-Damn HERO.

    Yes, you. By choosing to shop with us at Well Beings Hub, you have made a sustainable and eco-friendly purchase!

    When your Gratitude Journal arrives at your door, it will be enclosed in a cardboard box, which you can keep or place within your recycling bin.

    Inside this box, is more environmentally packaging, to protect your journal:

    • WBH Stickers - are printed on vellum (uncoated) biodegradable adhesive papers, using vegetable based inks.
    • 'We Appreciate You' Card - 100% post-consumer recycled card, using vegetable based inks.
    • 100% Recycled Brown Wrapping Paper 

    **Vegetable based inks are made from corn, walnut, coconut, linseed, canola and soy bean. Vegetable based inks are also a renewable resource and do not require harmful solvents/chemicals for cleaning the printing presses. You can see there are so many reasons to choose vegetable ink!

    As well as being delivered by a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Company. By no way have you made an impact on the environment by getting your item delivered. So, here’s a pat on the back and a big cheers to you. 

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