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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Our families, friends, relatives, neighbours and broader communities are feeling the devastating effects of the 2022 QLD & NSW Floods due to the powerful La Nina weather event. Our hearts have been heavy and we felt powerless being stuck in our homes, whilst other families were watching their homes being submerged by the increasing water levels, sitting on rooftops waiting for aid. The death level increasing, the number of people missing or unaccounted for in the hundreds and emergency services being stretched thin as the weather and emergences increase with time.

We don’t want to feel powerless anymore, so we have decided to put our $1 per sale this season to the Australian Red Cross Flood Appeal.

Donations to the Qld and NSW Flood Appeal 2022 will help enable the Australian Red Cross to provide humanitarian support to people and communities in Queensland and New South Wales.

Our support will make a vital difference and will help in a number of ways:

  • $60 can help fund our service to reconnect families in disasters, reducing a major source of trauma.

  • $100 can help us call 10 people after an emergency to check on their wellbeing and offer support.

  • $250 can help a Red Cross team to set up an evacuation centre.

We have estimated this seasons $1 donation value and have pre-donated as we know the best time to donate is now! If by the end of the season it exceeds this amount, we will donate the additional $$, which will go to future recovery & response disaster work with Australian Red Cross.

Stay safe and stay dry.


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