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Our Sunny Daze Blanket
is BACK!

Who are we?

If we haven't met before, we are Brooklyn and Sheriece, soul sisters, and co-founders of Well Beings Hub.

Well Beings Hub started off as just dream whilst we passed the time waiting for our yoga classes to begin (this is who we met) we would talk of all the amazing things we loved and wanted to create. What seemed like a far off dream quickly became a reality when we decided to just go for it, and now we couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 


We wanted Well Beings Hub to be a colourful place, full of groovy designs and where anything is possible. A Gratitude Practice has played an important role in both of our lives and, we believe, it has helped shape who we are today. Being tired of just writing down our thoughts of gratitude in a plain boring notebook we thought we’d create something magical that instantly cheers you up when you look at it, which is how our Gratitude Journal, and Gratitude Rituals card deck were born. 


We are both big dreamers and we want everyone else to be as well! We hope Well Beings Hub is a place to inspire you, bring more well being into your life, and will be a place where we can bring all our dreams to life and share them with you! 


Big love,


Brooklyn & Sheriece 


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